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Starting a Business

Are You Built for Entrepreneurship?

There's a wide spectrum of successful business owners out there, and perhaps the most common characteristic they share is a willingness to work hard. However, there are a few other traits commonly linked to people who decide to "be their own boss."

Take a look at this list. Do any of these qualities sound familiar?

You are a risk-taker. As you start your business, you will not be able to plan for every eventuality and see around every corner. You can calculate risks before you take them and set yourself up for success with good planning and informed decisions. But, at some point, you have to simply jump in and make a decision, right or wrong. If this kind of uncertainty makes you nervous rather than thrilling you, being a business owner might be a tough fit for you.

You feel right at the helm. Successful entrepreneurs are often natural leaders, decisive, comfortable working alone or leading a team, and know when to follow their instincts.

You aren't afraid of mistakes. No road to success comes without its bumps and setbacks. As a business owner, not every decision you make will be the right one. Learn to see mistakes as learning opportunities, and to proceed on your chosen course despite criticism or rejection. A wise business owner isn't afraid to admit he or she was wrong, and also takes every step possible to make things right again.

You can talk to people. Starting a business puts you in front of people all the time. You must sell your idea, ask for funding, negotiate contracts, convince people to support you, hire and manage employees, and develop relationships with vendors and customers. The ability to speak persuasively and interact naturally and professionally with others is a great asset to any small-business owner.

You are full of ideas. The best businesses fill a niche because they perform a unique service, fulfill a need, or solve a problem in a whole new way. Creative thinkers are always looking for a better way to get the job done and can see business growth opportunities everywhere. Find ways to unleash your creative side and put it to work for the good of your business.
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