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Employee Benefits

Communicating Benefits to Employees

Once you have put together your benefits package, you need to educate your employees about it and encourage them to participate. You will get a better return on your investment when more employees participate fully in your benefits plan. If employees don't understand their benefits or know what's offered, they won't necessarily take part.

If you have dedicated human resources staff, administering the benefits package and teaching employees how to take advantage of the many benefits offered most likely falls under their responsibility. In a smaller company, an office manager or other employee might help get employees signed up for benefits. Creating a thorough, explanatory employee handbook can help explain the features of your health plan, life insurance, and voluntary benefits.

Investigate the services offered by your plan administrator and insurance company as well. In many cases, companies offer free educational sessions at the worksite to educate employees and facilitate the signup process and benefits paperwork involved with signing up for a retirement plan, health plan, group life insurance, or other benefits.

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